Weldring Gaskets

Weld ring gaskets are commonly used in areas where danger- ous media is conveyed and/or continuous operation of the plant has to be ensured. A permanent and gas tight connection is established by welding the membrane or weld ring halves. This ensures the required high operational safety and continuity, while it is still possible to release the flange connection by undoing the welding seam.

Weld ring gaskets consist of two identical ring halves which have been machined with greatest precision, were welded to the flange surface and then welded together after positioning the flange halves.

IDT-weld-ring-gaskets are manufactured following DIN 2695: 2002 for DIN- and ANSI/ASME-flanges [SW01, SW10] and according to company standards [SW19, SW20, SW29]. The thickness of the welded rings is 2 × 15 = 30.0 mm for the designs SW10 and SW20, which allows for the welding of the ring halves without a special flange. The SW19 profile provides an additional auxiliary gasket. Prior to installation, the flange surfaces need to be checked for sufficient space. Weld ring gaskets with additional auxiliary gasket are used when:

  • The pressure test is done without welding only with the auxiliary gasket
  • The flange connection is opened several times during start up
  • Welding is only carried out if the auxiliary gasket does not achieve tightness The use of weld ring gaskets with hollow lips is recommended [SW20, SW29] for the connection of components with differ- ent heat expansion properties. The advantage is in the greater movement absorption and is therefore commonly used for dif- ferent radial expansion ratios of the components.


  • High tightness, considered technically tight
  • High operational safety
  • Connection can be detached if necessary
  • Complies with TA Luft 2002 [VDI 2440/2200] leakage requirements
  • Good handling


  • For pipeline and device construction
  • For high internal pressures and/or high temperatures
  • For vacuum
  • For applications in which the operation has to be ensured continuously
  • For critical media