Optimized Technology.

Clean Environment.


IDT only processes graphite qualities by SGL Group. SIGRAFLEX® UNIVERSAL and SIGRAFLEX® HOCHDRUCK are among the materials which have been established in the market for years. They are considered state-of-the-art and have proven their value in all industrial applications. 

With the commencement of the increased requirements of TA Luft in 2002, it had become necessary to develop new production technologies and product variations to comply with the required emission reductions. The product ranges SIGRAFLEX® PRO, SIGRAFLEX® SELECT and SIGRAFLEX® MF were introduced to meet these requirements and were - mostly with eyelet design - standardised by plant operators. 

Based on this environmental and safety relevant background as well as in harmony with applicable environmental protection regulations, various IDT-sealing systems were optimised with regards to their design and production, so that they complied both with the TA Luft requirements as well as the calculatory strength and tightness certificate following DIN EN 1591-1 which has been required since the inception of VDI 2290 in 2012. 

The optimised sealing systems are labelled with the IDT envi- ronmental label for Low Emission [LE]. Subsequent calculations of pipe classes following DIN EN 1591-1 were carried out on the basis of the VCI-guideline for the assembly of flange connec- tions in process plants and have shown that the leakage rate of 10^-2 mg/[s*m] could be adhered to with all LE versions; in parts even with a bolt quality of 5.6. 

In addition to increased leakage requirements and due to higher process temperatures in plants, it also has become necessary to produce the graphite with an increased oxi- dation protection and to equip it with an oxidation inhibitor which is applied directly to the structure of the graphite foil. SIGRAFLEX® APX-foil sets the standard for these applications and has a significantly improved temperature resistance in comparison to standard graphite qualities.