Semi-metallic gaskets are material combination gaskets which belong predominantly to the category of gaskets. Flat gaskets in turn belong predominantly to the static seals and are usually installed in apparatus or pipeline construction as a sealing element between two flanges. Semi-metallic gaskets often consist of a stamped or cut metallic ring which is coated or coated with a soft material such as fiber composites, graphite, PTFE or elastomers. Use semi-metallic gaskets in all standard flanges such as tongue and groove flanges, forward / backward flanges or flanges with smooth sealing strip. Special shapes and constructions are possible.

TA Luft 2002 (VDI 2440 / VDI 2200) is fulfilled in almost all IDT sealing elements. In addition, a computational proof of compliance with the leakage criterion according to VDI 2290 is possible.