Rubber-steel-seals G-ST-flange gaskets and G-ST-P/S profile gaskets

The good cost-efficiency (reduced stock keeping, re-useability) of the G-ST gaskets is combined with excellent handling.
The latter is shaped by the rigid steel ring core – even at large nominal widths – and the non-sensitivity against unwanted stresses during assembly.
The vulcanisation achieves an extreme adhesion between the steel insert and the rubber sheathing. Shifting, separating or blowing out even at the highest stresses is impossible.
The lens-shaped base body of the G-ST-P/S profile gasket is combined with an O-ring as a static sealing element which disposes the need for a costly grooving of the flange.

The advantages of G-ST gaskets are:

  • Tight at even low bolt tightening torques
  • Compensates surface faults
  • Flange and screws can be weaker in their design
  • Angle deviations can be compensated more easily than for flat gaskets

Sheathing materials: NBR, EPDM, CSM, FPM and other materials upon request