Turnaround I Plant shutdown I Revision.

Seals are an important component in chemical, petrochemical and other industrial plants for smooth and efficient operation as well as stable and qualitatively reliable production. High-quality sealing systems minimize harmful emissions, increase operational safety and thus reduce the costs for the operator. The use of sealing systems requires the highest precision and know-how; Fast availability in case of accidents and professional installation on site are mandatory. Our service concept for turnarounds, plant shutdowns and overhauls (TAR) offers operators tried-and-tested solutions to the problems of plant availability and correct installation and a high degree of support both before and during the TAR project. The services can be selected as a single module and in any combination.

Mobile sealing bearing on site

Container with or without staff

  • Storage of the desired material according to customer specifications
  • Equipped with standard and special seals for pipelines and apparatus
  • Material removal and management is carried out by installation personnel of the operator; optional management by qualified IDT personnel
  • Replenishment of the warehouse if required by IDT
  • Billing after assembly / sealing removal

Mobile sealing workshop

with modern manufacturing technology and staff

Includes all services of the mobile seal bearing as well as:

  • Issue of seals by IDT staff
  • CNC cutting plotter on site for flexible and fast production of gaskets on demand
  • Information feedback for documentation of manufactured gaskets
  • CAD drawings can be created and imported
  • Simplified handling of material reorders
  • Direct connection to the production plant for express production
  • Processing of comb profile seals
  • Sealing advice on site
  • Short-term calculation of tightening torques
  • Marking of special seals for equipment according to customer specifications

Quality assurance flange mounting

Strict compliance with downtime and budget during a TAR project requires a smooth and timely start-up of all parked facilities for the operator. Leaks that occur during start-up and are due to improper installation often cause considerable time delays and associated budget overruns. We have qualified personnel who can assist the inspection operators in order to monitor and document independently opened and closed flange connections, the use of the right material and the correct assembly directly on the construction site. Scope of inspection, systematics and methods are carefully worked out and coordinated in advance with the customer.