Oval handhole, head and manhole gaskets for boilers with TÜV approval

Boilers with an oval barrier system are equipped with an inner cap, which is tightened using the nut across bolts and brackets and work self-sealing at inner overpressure.

IDT-Profiles FD 01, FD 20, FD 30, WD 10, WD 30, WD 39

The IDT-gaskets comply with the test requirements of the VdTÜV-information sheet “gaskets 100”, TRD 401, annex

All designs have the following TÜV-certificate:

  • permissible operating overpressure p = 40 bar
  • permissible operating temperature T = 250 °C
  • permissible cold water test overpressure p’ = 88 bar

The choice of the relevant and most effective design variation is carried out according to the condition of the load system.
Each gasket is delivered with a detailed installation and assembly instructions which includes amongst other the following information:

  • requirements on the load system
  • requirements on the gasket
  • assembly, disassembly of gasket
  • specification of bolt tightening torque