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In late 2021, the new version of the German TA Luft [Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control] took effect. The complex set of regulations forms the basis for the approval of technical installations and plays a central role in installation-related emission protection, specifying the test for permissible emissions and immissions of air pollutants. In the new version several regulations were significantly tightened, leaving plant operators to figure out which steps to take next. We are here to help you confidently assess and implement the new requirements.

Pertinant changes #

  • The proof of leak-tightness now applies to all types of flange connections according to DIN EN 1591-1, with plant operators being obligated to provide evidence.
  • For flanges where calculation is not possible, a type-based component test must be performed under real operating conditions.
  • A transitional period gives operators of existing plants until 1 December 2025 to adapt their emission control measures to the stricter requirements.
  • The critical values of new plants must correspond to BAT when they are commissioned.
  • The focus on qualification of assembly personnel according to DIN EN 1591-4 remains unchanged.

Proof of leak-tightness #

The TA Luft [2021] stipulates stricter requirements for the proof of leak-tightness. It’s a rule that no longer only apply to steel flanges, but to all types of flange connections in main force and force shunt. Subject to certain conditions, three procedures are permissible for providing proof of leak-tightness:

  1. Calculated verification
  2. Type-based component test
  3. Individual case-by-case test
Diagramm Dichtheitsnachweis

The TA Luft initially considers all verification methods to be equivalent with regard to the test result, provided that there is no breach of the requirement regarding preventive leakage avoidance and minimization. The procedures differ in terms of t transferability of test results and in the effort and costs required to provide the proof. Proof of leak-tightness via individual testing is the exception rather than the rule. The new regulation stays true to its aim of preventative damage avoidance over retroactive damage control.

IDT TA Luft Service #

Together with our engineering partners, we are here to support you in implementing the stricter requirements of the new TA Luft. Our Service includes:

Calculated verification

  • Calculated proof of leak-tightness according to DIN EN 1591-1
  • Strength verification and determination of tightening torques
  • Detailed documentation of the calculation results

Component tests

  • Determination of gasket characteristics according to DIN EN 13555
  • Determination of the sealing behavior according to VDI 2440/2200
  • Specific component/design tests for non-calculable flanges
  • Proof of leak-tightness for all non-metallic flanges

Training & controls

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