Sealing elements for tank & silo trucks

Tankwagen in der Landschaft

Solids transportation #

When transporting solids [building materials, animal feed, granulates, foodstuffs] in silo vehicles, the materials are usually transported without pressure and at ambient temperature. The sealing element therefore only has to meet special requirements in terms of resistance in exceptional cases [e.g. for foodstuffs transportation]. Common and cost-effective sealing materials for use in the transportation of solids are rubber and fibre or a combination of both materials.

Liquid transports #

In the case of liquid transports, a distinction is made between the following transport goods:

  • mineral oils (e.g. diesel, gasoline, heating oil, bitumen, technical oils, hydraulic oils, biodiesel)
  • chemicals (e.g. acids, alkalis, ketones, aldehydes, esters)
  • food (e.g. glucose, drinking water, fruit juice, beer, wine, edible oils, dairy products)(e.g. glucose, drinking water, fruit juice, beer, wine, edible oils, dairy products)
  • Goods from the construction industry (e.g. concrete, water)
  • Goods from sewer flushing vehicles (water, waste water)

Depending on the goods being transported, the sealing element must meet special requirements when used for liquid transportation. In addition, some liquid goods can be transported in road vehicles (tankers) as well as in containers (road and rail) or special rail vehicles (tank wagons). In order to select a suitable seal, it is also necessary to consider whether it will be used in a one-way or returnable vehicle.

Our range of seals for a wide variety of applications #

Dome cover gaskets
Designs depend on the design of the manhole [domes]. These include PTFE and graphite packings in various cross-sections, FE envelope gaskets, solid PTFE gaskets with external side groove, gaskets in various rubber qualities, FEP-coated gaskets, etc.

Plastic seals, molded, turned and milled parts as well as semi-finished products
This includes seat rings, molded and semi-finished products with glass fiber or carbon content

Seals for valves, ball valves and butterfly valves

Flange gaskets
These include flat gaskets made of fiber, graphite, PTFE and rubber materials

These include O-rings made from a wide variety of elastomers, FEP and PFA-coated O-rings and O-rings made from PTFE

Stuffing box packings

Seals for tanker couplings
These include profile seals, e.g. made from Hypalon, Viton, PTFE and thread seals made from PTFE

Special parts

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