We want to contribute to your success! Our Academy combines flange assembly training, individual training and learning formats on the latest developments in sealing technology under one roof – certified • online • live. We take care of everything you need for growth, exactly where you need it.

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Certified Training #

Our TÜV-certified flange assembly training in accordance with DIN EN 1591-4:2013-12 is the foundations for risk mitigation. Incorrectly assembled flange connections pose a real danger and are one of the main reasons for leakage: Consequences can include the risk of explosion, environmental pollution and production losses. Assembly expertise is essential to counteract these risks. We prepare you both in terms of theory and practical applications, with training and examination materials according to a standard-compliant syllabus. Once you have successfully completed the basic qualification, you will receive a certificate according to DIN EN 1591-4, and you’ll also have the opportunity to take additional modules.

The training is particularly suitable for bolting fitters, their supervisors, responsible engineers and technical managers who have to assemble and maintain connections in pressurized systems in critical applications.

Training venue
On-site or at the IDT training center
Group size
Max. 20 ppl in the training center or customized group size for mobile training courses
Training duration
1 day
Examination & assessment
Theoretical and practical examination with certificate according to DIN EN 1591-4
Validity & extension
5 years provided that there is no interruption of more than six months and no grounds for doubting the qualification

Individual Training Courses #

We teach expert and specialised knowledge of sealing technology in individual, practice-oriented training courses that are tailored to your needs. We can provide professional training for plant planners, engineers and technical buyers just as we can for workshop managers, foremen or QA staff. Choose from our modules or contact us about your specific training needs. We will work together to develop a customized training program.

Training venue
Online seminar, on-site, IDT training center
Group size
Max. 20 persons in the training centre or customized group size for online seminars and mobile training courses
Training duration
Examination & assessment
No examination, simple confirmation of participation
Validity & extension

Basic Training #

Modul Description
Engineering I 
Flange connections & components, flange styles & mode of action, bolts as a critical element
Clear communication of the basics of sealing technology as well as the relevance of the overall flange-bolt-gasket system.
Engineering II 
Calculation & design of flange connections
The focus is on various calculation and design methods as well as the characteristic values that are important for the design.
Engineering III 
Failure analysis
The causes and consequences of damage cases are explained in a practical way with the help of visual material and field reports.
Sealing technology I 
Basics, handling, storage
Focused training covering the basic properties of gaskets and their handling in practice.
Sealing technology II 
Product and application knowledge relating to gaskets
Which factors have to be taken into account when selecting a product, how do you determine the right gasket for the application? These and other questions from everyday maintenance form the basis of this module.
Sealing technology III
Product and application knowledge relating to stuffing box packings & packing rings
Focused training on the basic properties of stuffing box packings and packing rings and their handling in practice.
Practical basics
Disassembly and assembly of flange connections
Basic knowledge of current requirements for the professional disassembly and reassembly of flange connections.