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Customized qualification check #

Customized qualification check with the IDT flange.Pilot
Customized qualification check with the IDT flange.Pilot

When every minute is valuable, you need solutions without compromises. With our qualification checks, we guarantee effective training to minimize risks, increase plant safety and accelerate your progress: First-Time-Right!

With the flange.Pilot, we can simulate common challenges in flange assembly under real conditions - tailored to your individual requirements. This has been proven to reduce assembly errors and problems with material selection and handling. Our qualification checks are oriented to the requirements of flange assembly training in accordance with DIN EN 1591-4.

Training venue
on site
Group size
max. 6 persons/module // 48 persons/day
Training duration
1 hour
Examination & assessment
No final exam, participation certificate
Validity & extension
Renewal of qualification recommended every 1-2 years

Quality Assurance & Flange Management #

Staying on schedule is your top priority? Then you have come to the right place. Our team checks and documents flange connections, material use and professional assembly on-site. For transparency and efficiency in test documentation and provision of proof obligations, we have developed the mobile application software QS.Pilot. With the App, we provide customized and completely reliable electronic documentation of the testing processes as well as a wide range of evaluation options for the followup of your project – tailored to your needs. Our extensive experience in large-scale turnarounds allows us to set new standards in Joint Integrity Management that improve both structural and process quality as well as the success of your project.

Intelligent Stockkeeping #

In large-scale turnarounds, your time and resources are valuable. Picking, managing and issuing assembly materials is time-consuming and tedious. Use our service to be sure that the material is always available and additional requirements can be met with flexibility and at short notice at any time.

We provide you with exactly what you need for effortless material management from a simple on-site warehouses and management by our specialist staff right through to a mobile production workshop for rush orders and spontaneous demand.