At IDT environmental action speaks louder than words

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A new environmental and climate alliance agreement has been in force in Saxony since November 2021. The aim of the agreement is to drive forward environmental and climate protection in the state's companies. The alliance aims to strengthen all areas of environmental and climate protection particularly, however, the sustainable economic development resilience of regional companies.

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V.l.n.r. Christoph Neuberg, Hauptgeschäftsführer der IHK Chemnitz, Matthias Seidel, Betriebsleiter IDT, Wolfgang Schmid, Geschäftsführer IDT, Alexander Günther, Umwelt- und Energiemanagementbeauftragter IDT, Dr. Sebastian Gräfe, Geschäftsstellenleiter der Umwelt- und Klimaallianz Sachsen, Dr. Gerd Lippold, Staatssekretär im sächsischen Ministerium für Energie, Klimaschutz, Umwelt und Landwirtschaft [SMEKUL]

Since September 2022, IDT Werk Kupferring is part of the Saxony Environmental and Climate Alliance. On December 7, 2022, Dr. Gerd Lippold, State Secretary in the Saxon Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture [SMEKUL] presented IDT with the official certificate during a visit at its production site in Annaberg-Buchholz. There, Dr. Lippold, together with Dr. Sebastian Gräfe, office manager of the Environmental and Climate Alliance, and Christoph Neuberg, Chief Executive Officer of the Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce, were able to experience that sustainable action is close to IDT's heart. Since 2018, the company's integrated management system has included ISO certification in the areas of quality management [ISO 9001], environmental protection and energy management [ISO 14001 & ISO 50001] as well as occupational safety and health [ISO 45001]. Current product improvements focus on eliminating spray adhesives, which are critical due to their VOC levels.

Only companies that provide one or more voluntary environmental services that go beyond the legal requirements and meet the current catalog of criteria of the Environmental and Climate Alliance are eligible to join the Alliance. These include environmental services that can be verified by an external audit, certifications of products, product chains and services that demonstrate compliance with defined environmental requirements for a product or service. Individual measures without an external audit, such as significant contributions to environmentally compatible mobility, measures for production-integrated environmental protection using environmentally friendly technologies and products, or measures to reduce air pollutants, dust, noise, and odors are also permitted.

IDT can demonstrate both verified environmental performance and a high level of commitment to individual measures. These include the continuous monitoring of internal energy consumption, the optimization of electricity usage through the company's own photovoltaic systems, the conversion of lighting from fluorescent tubes to light-emitting diodes [LEDs], as well as demand-oriented lighting control and measures to reduce secondary CO2 emissions. Plans include the use of additional photovoltaic systems, the energy optimization of internal infrastructure, and systematic building analyses that can be used to identify and exploit energy-saving potential.

Sustainability not only determines the actions within IDT, but it is also a key feature of our products: high-performance gaskets reduce emissions in industrial plants. The protection of the natural environment central for us and our customers.

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