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Keeping systems safe and protecting the environment are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we integrate measures into our manufacturing process to prevent harmful emissions, while producing high-quality end products that reduce diffuse emissions in industrial plants. Our aim is to minimize unreasonable risks – both for our customers’ peace of mind and to protect our natural environment. With this goal in mind, we create innovative products using a sustainable manufacturing process that combines social responsibility with our commitment to the environment and economic efficiency. Thanks to our integrated management system [IMS] and our certification under DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, the global standard for environmental management systems, we continue to set new standards in this area.

Adhesive-free composite gaskets

Adhesives can have a significant impact on the safety and reliability of systems in certain applications. In addition to posing a spontaneous combustion hazard in oxygen-carrying equipment and components, adhesives can negatively affect the performance of shut-off valves and cause significant corrosion when in contact with metallic components.

Our LE-SAFE range includes a variety of high-performance gaskets whose metal cores are bonded with pure graphite components without the use of adhesive. These products have reliable mechanical properties [strength] and leak-tightness [leak class], and their sealing characteristics match those of traditional gaskets. The improved product characteristics provide clear advantages in all industrial applications and for sustainable supply chain management. Our expert knowledge for your benefit!