TAR2024 in Potsdam: Where Quality Meets Reliability

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In the world of Joint Integrity Management [JIM], quality and reliability go hand in hand. Our experienced teams have been proving themselves in demanding projects for many years and continuously set new standards for the industry.

For customers who want to minimize downtime, a turnaround [TA] without flange management is unthinkable. We are by your side during the entire process—with technical advice to the fulfillment of your gasket needs. Our services include not only reliable service, but also effective missing parts management. We understand that every minute counts and offer solutions without compromise.

At TAR2024 in Potsdam, we invite you into the world of joint integrity management. We look forward to hearing your perspective and exchanging ideas on effective solutions.

You will have the opportunity to experience how we set standards and at the same time respond to your individual needs. Quality, reliability and your success are our top priorities. Visit us at TAR2024. We look forward to seeing you!

TAR2024 – Turnaround, Anlagenstillstände, Revisionen
30.01.2024 - 31.01.2024