Rubber-Steel gasket (FPM)

  • Article Number: 0285GS01
  • Material: 0285
  • Profile: GS01
The gasket consists of a lens-shaped rubber body and an interior steel ring. The rubber jacketing is vulcanised firmly to the steel insert which creates a sturdy compound which can withstand even high stresses. The steel insert increases the blow-out resistance and stability of the sealing system. The lens shape causes a partial increase in surface pressure.
Article Number

Operating data

Temperatur (min) -20 °C
Temperatur (max) 200 °C
Pressure (max) 25 bar

Gasket characteristics DIN 2505 V

k1 [mm] 1 × bd

Gasket characteristics DIN 28090

бVO [N/mm²] 9
бVU 0,1 [N/mm²] 2
m (DIN 28090) 1
бBO 150 °C [N/mm²] 5

Gasket characteristics ASME

m (ASME) 2
Y [PSI] 300

Flange shapes

PTFE-lined steel flange


Data Sheet
EN | Last Changed 2023-12-01

Proof of the required leakage rate according to TA Luft 2021 (VDI 2290) can be provided by a calculation according to DIN EN 1591-1.

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