Non-metallic gasket, AFM 34 CO ME®

  • Article Number: 3133FD10
  • Material: 3133
  • Profile: FD10
Sealing system with optimised inner eyelet [1.4571] complies with TA Luft and VDI 2290, has high pressure stability, high tensile, pressure and shear strength and very high gas tightness.Scratch resistant, sturdy surface, easy to handle, easy to dismantle, blow-out resistant sealing system. Resistant against a large number of chemicals, does not present a health risk, FDA-conform.
Article Number

Operating data

Temperatur (min) -50 °C
Temperatur (max) 250 °C
Pressure (max) 125 bar

Approvals and test reports

TA Luft 2002 (VDI 24A0/2200)
Gas (DIN 30653 (ehemals VP401; HTB))

Flange shapes

Self-centering, Raised Face (form IBC)
Tongue and Groove (form TG)
Male-Female (form SR)
Apparatus, customized
With partition bars


Data Sheet
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