RTJ-Gaskets with Raised Sealing Surface (Edelstahl 316L, Octagonal)

  • Article Number: 8030RJ10
  • Material: 8330
  • Profile: RJ10
The octagonal design can also be used in flange connections with RTJ-groove [flank angles 23°] according to the above mentioned norm. Different to the oval form, an extensive stress is created right from the start on the contact surface gasket/flange. The sealing surface size is therefore independent from the assembly force; the octagonal type is the the preferred design.
Article Number

Material data

Material number 1.4404
Material Name 316L
Material name old -
Technical delivery conditions DIN EN 10111

Surface hardness

Brinell HB max 160
Rockwell HRB max 83

Dimensional standards

ASME B 16.20
ASME B 16.5


Data Sheet
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