O-Rings are ring-shaped, molded sealing elements made primarily of elastomers. These deformable materials achieve a tight seal by deformation of the cross-section under tensile and compressive load after installation and compression in the installation space. O-Rings are used mainly for static sealing.
When the chemical resistance of the simple elastomer O-Ring is not sufficient, but elasticity is required, FEP-encapsulated O-Rings are used. FEP [Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene] is a thermoplastic material with properties similar to PTFE. Seamless FEP coated O-Rings have an elastic core made of FPM or VMQ and are used for very high thermal and chemical stresses. The high chemical resistance of the jacket protects the elastic core from damage by the potentially aggressive medium. FEP-encapsulated O-rings are ideal for the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, medical technology, food industry, water and wastewater technology and similar industrial sectors. A typical application for FEP-encapsulated O-Rings is sealing of valve spindles and as a secondary sealing element for slow switching and rotating movements. Their temperature application range is between approx. -60 °C to 200 °C [depending on the material of the inner ring].
In addition to the standard O-Ring program made of a wide variety of elastomer materials, we supply sealing rings, lip rings, profiled cords, tank truck coupling seals, shaft seals and molded parts. 


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