LE-SAFE adhesive-free Grooved gasket without centering ring with both-sided graphite layers

  • Article Number: 6041KD01
  • Material: 6041
  • Profile: KD01
The grooved stainless steel core [1.4404, pitch 1,0 mm] is covered on both sides with functionalized soft material layers made from expanded pure graphite. Grooved gaskets require low minimum sealing surface pressure, but can also resist very high loads.LE-SAFE Grooved gaskets impress by a very high pressure application limit, low leakage rate and are therefore suitable for extreme operation conditions [e.g. cryogenic, oxygen, hydrogen].Grooved gaskets can be manufactured in small thicknesses so that they can be used also in tongue and groove connections in the range of common groove depths.
Article Number

BAM [Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung] holds a critical view and does not recommend using, zircon or zircon alloys, titanium and titanium alloys or alloys containing titanium [e.g. stainless steels 1.4541, 1.4571] or metallic materials containing more than 2.5% aluminum for applications involving oxygen. However, the stainless steel 1.4404 used in all LE-SAFE products as a standard material is suitable for this [other suitable metallic materials are available on request - e.g. 1.4828, Hastelloy etc.]

Operational Data

Temperature 450 °C
Temperature (min.) -269 °C
Temperature (max.) 550 °C
Pressure (max) 500 bar

Gasket Characteristics DIN 2505 V

K0×Kd [N/mm] 15 × bd
k1 [mm] 1,1 × bd

Gasket Characteristics DIN 28090

бVO [N/mm²] 500
бVU 0,1 [N/mm²] 15
m 1.1
бBO 300 °C [N/mm²] 500

Gasket Characteristics ASME

m 2.25
Y [PSI] 2200

Approvals and Test Reports

TA Luft 2002 (VDI 24A0/2200)
DIN EN13555 (TA Luft 2021)
Blow-out resistance
Gas (DIN 3535-6)

Flange Types

Tongue and Groove (form TG)
Male-Female (form SR)
Apparatus, customized
With partition bars


Data Sheet
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General information: All information given in this Technical Information sheet represents our current level of knowledge and serves as information on our products and their respective scopes. It is not meant to ensure any particular properties of any product or the suitability of any product for any specific application, neither does it create any liability on our part.

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