Spiral Wound Gasket with inner and outer ring, Material: 1.4541/Graphite/Carbon Steel

  • Article Number: 6416SD10
  • Material: 6416
  • Profile: SD10
The Spiral Wound Gasket consists of a spirally wound, beaded metal strip made from stainless steel 1.4541. A graphite soft material strip [purity 99,85%C] protruding on both sides is inserted between the individual windings.The inner and outer support ring [inner ring: 1.4541, outer ring: carbon steel, corrosion protected] stabilize the spiral, while the outer ring also ensures the centering between the flange bolts.Spiral Wound Gaskets are particularly suitable for applications with high operating pressures and critical operating conditions [e.g. alternating loads].
Article Number

Material combinations other than shown here are available on request.

Operating data

Temperatur 450 °C
Temperatur (min) -269 °C
Temperatur (max) 550 °C
Pressure (max) 320 bar

Gasket characteristics EN 13555

Gasket Characteristics (IDT)

Gasket characteristics DIN 2505 V

K0×Kd [N/mm] 30 × bd
k1 [mm] 1,4 × bd

Gasket characteristics DIN 28090

бVO [N/mm²] 300
бVU 0,1 [N/mm²] 30
m (DIN 28090) 1.4
бBO 300 °C [N/mm²] 220

Gasket characteristics ASME

m (ASME) 3
Y [PSI] 4400

Approvals and test reports

TA Luft 2002 (VDI 24A0/2200)
DIN EN13555 (TA Luft 2021)
Fire Safe Test
Blow-out resistance
BAM oxygen
BAM oxygen (liquid)
Gas (DIN 3535-6)

Drinking water certificate HY

Flange shapes

Self-centering, Raised Face (form IBC)


Data Sheet
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SD10-WS 1.4541 - Grafit HC - CS - 4,5 mm_Rev00.pdf
DE | Last Changed 2023-10-23 | 171.3 KB

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