Flat gasket from UNIFLUOR® WS 7451

  • Article Number: 7451FD01
  • Material: 7451
  • Profile: FD01
UNIFLUOR® WS 7451 is a high quality biaxially orientated sealing material on PTFE basis, filled with quartz. It is intended for use in pipeline connections.
Article Number

Operating data

Temperatur (min) -269 °C
Temperatur (max) 250 °C
Pressure (max) 80 bar

Gasket characteristics EN 13555

Gasket Characteristics (IDT)

Gasket characteristics DIN 28090

бVO [N/mm²] 210
бVU 0,1 [N/mm²] 20
m (DIN 28090) 1.2
бBO 150 °C [N/mm²] 110
бBO 200 °C [N/mm²] 90

Approvals and test reports

TA Luft 2002 (VDI 24A0/2200)
DIN EN13555 (TA Luft 2021)
Blow-out resistance
BAM oxygen
FDA (Food)

Flange shapes

Self-centering, Raised Face (form IBC)
Male-Female (form SR)
Glass-lined, Enamelled flange
Apparatus, customized


Data Sheet
EN | Last Changed 2023-10-23
FD01-WS 7451-2,0 mm_Rev01.pdf
DE | Last Changed 2023-10-23 | 184.8 KB

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