Line Blanks

Line blanks are used between flange connections in pipelines and on vessel connectors.
Functionally, blanks serve:
  • to shut off pipelines during pressure testing or maintenance work (type A: blind disc)
  • as placeholder (type B: perforated disc)
  • to limit the flow rate (type C: throttle disc)
Blanks must always be installed in combination with the gaskets intended for the application. We manufacture standardized line blanks according to DIN 2626 or ASME B16.48. The strength ASME B16.48 blanks was designed according to their pressure rating, which results in a considerable difference to customer-specific standards.Special designs are manufactured in compliance with customers' comprehensive dimensional specifications. The verification is to be carried out in accordance with a valid set of rules, such as AD-2000 Merkblatt B5.


Data Sheet
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Steckscheiben nach ASME B16.48
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Steckscheiben nach DIN 2626
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Steckscheiben nach ASME B16.48
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Steckscheiben nach DIN 2626
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