UNIFLUOR®-TA-Luft packing set

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  • Material: 2724F
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This gland packing is made of highly expanded, white PTFE filament yarn to provide excellent cross-sectional density in temperature cycles and extremely low leakage rates.
The packing set features low gap extrusion, low cold flow tendency and very low friction coefficients.
Article Number


Temperature (min.) -269 °C
Temperature (max.) 260 °C
Density approx. (g/cm³) 1.7 g/cm³
Material structure PTFE
Waterproofing PTFE

Range of applications

Valves (Vg) 2 m/s
Valves (p) 250 bar


abrasive and sticky media not suitable
Water, domestic water, sea water suitable
Hot water, boiler dining water suitable
Vapen, acid gases, nitrogen suitable
oxygen suitable
Mineral oils, animal fats suitable
Heat carrier oils, synthetic oils suitable
Alcalia diluted, salt solutions not suitable
Alcalia concentrated not suitable
Anorg. Diluted acids, salt solutions suitable
Anorg. Acids concentrated suitable
Solvent, otherwise. Organ. Verb. suitable
Lacques, colors (silicone -free) suitable

Approvals and Test Reports

TA Luft 2002 (VDI 24A0/2200)

Prüfung ohne Tellerbefederung, bei 250°C, 40 bar und 2.500 Spindelbewegungen. Der Grenzwert wurde dabei unterschritten.

Forms of delivery

compression-moulded packing ring or packing set

dimensions on request


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