Keram tape

  • Article Number: 0930GE
  • Material: 0930
  • Profile: GE
  • Aluminum silicate fiber products, reinforced with chrome steel wire, woven with solid edges
Article Number
  • 15 to 20% organic carrier fibers
  • Resistant to oils, fats and chemicals, except for hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong bases
  • Static sealing systems for furnaces, boilers, containers, etc.
  • At around 200 °C, the organic components decompose and the strength decreases
  • Development of smoke or brief flare-ups at the first higher temperature exposure
  • Additional treatments/impregnation: graphite, PTFE, vermiculite, mica, silicone
  • Continuous operating temperature for PTFE and silicone max. 280 °C
  • Dimensions: thicknesses: 3 and 5 mm, widths: 20–100 mm [other dimensions on request]
  • Continuous use temperature: 1100 °C


Data Sheet
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