Advancing hydrogen

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Power-to-gas technologies offer a wide range of opportunities. Hydrogen [H2] is attracting a lot of interest as a central component of the energy transition, but also poses new challenges for materials, technologies and processes. Gaskets ensure trouble-free operation of electrolysis plants and reduce fugitive emissions across the hydrogen landscape. Advancing hydrogen by adding O2, which is produced incidentally when H2 is generated, changes the requirements for gaskets significantly.

Wasserstoffanwendungen und Dichtungsbedarf

Hydrogen production

There is an increasing emphasis on the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, particularly from renewable energy sources. Gaskets play a crucial role in electrolysis plants, guaranteeing smooth operation. Our high-quality sealing solutions are designed to meet your requirements.

Unique challenges

Oxygen is a key concern for safety and environmental protection in hydrogen production plants and their surroundings. The aim is to reduce fugitive emissions and minimize unacceptable risks in oxygen-carrying components and plant parts. This can only be achieved with a closed process chain. Starting with material selection, through processing and design, to assembly and use in the plant. Our LE-Safe portfolio is an innovative solution that addresses the potential hazards of oxygen. It is also suitable for flanged connections in hydrogen transport and storage applications.

Leakage rates

Hydrogen is a chemical element. Its properties place specific demands on gaskets. As a result, practical adaptations of gasket materials are required, as well as detailed testing and verification. It is expected that current standards such as TA Luft 2021 will continue to be used as design criteria for leak tightness.

Together for the energy transition

From industry to heating and mobility, the versatility of hydrogen as an energy carrier opens a wide range of applications. Our sealing solutions contribute to decarbonization and a sustainable energy supply by ensuring that hydrogen can be used efficiently and safely.

We work closely with experts and industry partners, such as HZwo e.V., to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow's hydrogen technologies. Contact us to find out more about our customized sealing solutions for the hydrogen industry. We can help you to advance.